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I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah in a house where creativity and love ruled. My mother opened my eyes to a beautiful world of painting, drawing, sewing, and sculpture that has helped me bring artistic elements into my work through the various jobs and businesses I’ve had throughout my life. It was in my childhood that I developed an eye and love for intricate work and fine details. Two elements that are absolutely necessary for lash artists as our work is long and tedious- but so beautiful! 

Education has always sparked a great interest for me. It has been critical for my development as an artist and business owner. Every teacher that I’ve taken a course from has added an important element to my work. When we truly give ourselves to the possibilities of the passions in our work, we can step into a space that allows us to bloom. Lashing and educating has created an environment for me to connect with beautiful people from all over the world and it has truly changed my life and perspective on what it means to do and work in a job that I love. 

My focus as a lash artist and educator is to offer the best quality and craftsmanship while staying up on the latest techniques in the industry so that my students are fully prepared to take on their work when they go home. When we learn proper techniques and have a good education, we can become inspired and empowered. I still continue to learn myself, and take courses and go to seminars whenever I can. I live by the motto, “Never stop learning.”

In my spare time I love to play with my dog Sweetie Pony, travel, and tend to my every growing plant and succulent collection.


If you would like to come train with me and Sweetie Pony, click here to learn more. 


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