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Christina has been working in the beauty industry since 2006. While growing up she was encouraged by her Mom to explore many different forms of art and developed a love for intricate work and fine details. After choosing to pursue a creative career in the beauty industry, Christina worked as a hair stylist, a professional make up artist, and a manicure specialist before focusing full time as a lash artist.

Christina has sought out the some of the best in her industry and believes that education is key to refining her skills as a lash artist. She continues to take seminars and courses whenever she can. Christina considers lashing to be a perfect platform for creative expression and loves the amazing interaction it allows her to have with her local community in Las Vegas and around the world through social media. Her focus is offering luxury lash services and to create perfect, beautiful, lash sets without compromising the health of the natural lash. 

In her spare time Christina loves to travel, play with her dog Sweetie, and tend to her ever growing succulent and plant collection.

Her passion and love for education and connecting to other aspiring lash artists has led her to become an educator and mentor to other aspiring lash artists with a goal to inspire and elevate the standards of the industry as a whole.  

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Paul Mitchell the School Graduate | 2007


Extreme Lashes- Classic Course | 2008
Borboleta Beauty- Volume Course | 2014
My Brand Lashes- Advanced Volume course | 2015
Loreta Jasilionyte - Advanced Volume Course | 2016
Maven Artistry - Face Studies Course + 1 on 1 Private Training | 2016,  2017
Lash Makers- Advanced Volume Course | 2017


Imani Artistry:
-SofTap Micropigmentation Techniques | 2017
-Microblading | 2017
-Advanced Color Theory | 2017
-Removal and Corrections | 2017

James Olaya- Intro to Lips |  2017
Aleksandea Maniuse- Intro to Brows | 2017
David Brow - Intro to Brows | 2017





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