Daria’s Elite Beginner Microstroking/Microblading Training Class is a 6 day course that teaches:

    • Sterilization - Safe practice for artist

    • Skin Anatomy -  determining skin types, understanding aging skin

    • Healing - proper skin healing for procedures

    • Blood basics - break down of our immune system and how the white blood cells affect our pigment

    • Setting up your new Studio - supplies needed and where to buy them

    • Consultations - contraindications, consent forms, medical concerns or releases, before a procedure, and after care

    • Face shapes - to help the artist determine brow shapes

    • Permanent makeup color theory vs Basic Color Theory

    • Pigment choices

    • Corrections options

    • Machine theory - including needle theory, artist techniques for implanting with a machine

    • Practice on practice skins with 5-10 machine choices as well as soft tap techniques. This is to help the artist it’s choosing a machine in the future.

    • Understanding Skin Undertones

    • Tattoo Removal and lightening options Eyebrow Shaping Measurement

    • You will also get 2 models for this class



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Simplify your beauty routine. 




Learn to market yourself through social media in a way that builds your business and attracts your ideal clientele! By thoughtfully creating a color story and personal branding, your business will grow and flourish! 

Everything I have learned about Social Media and Marketing has been through trial and error and lots of practice! My first two years of business I didn't own a fancy laptop or use any expensive programs. I did everything through my PHONE! This lack of resources forced me to get creative and be resourceful in finding what works and what doesn't. 

That is what makes this program so exciting and accessible to anyone. Everything is simplified for the growing entrepreneur so you can use social media in a thoughtful, creative way without going to school or learning complicated programs like Photoshop. Everything is done at the touch of your fingertips! This course is packed with everything I have learned over the years to encourage and support artists to grow their business in a way that works for them. 

Build your business by learning to attract your ideal client by the content you create and share.


Learn to create beautiful content with your phone! 


  • Intro to Social Media 
  • Creating A Color Story 
  • Photo Editing 
  • Photography 101
  • Lighting Basics 
  • Styling 
  • Media Planning 
  • Color Branding 
  • Apps for Success 
  • Building a Social Presence 
  • Networking 
  • Client Consent 


  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support
  • Model Practice
  • Edited Photo 



DAY 1 - Theory and Skill Building Practice

*Models provided upon request




1 Day Private - $1,200.00 USD



1 Day Group - $900.00 USD

*By request only

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